Revamping "Rambling"

One can say that the idea of having an archive, especially for things like this, can lead to something else. One can think that an archive of rambling is somewhat a necessity as it lets people see the my rambles as time progresses.

Other times, it can be used to provide some insight into what happens in the mind of datguy, what he's saying and all that, and I figured, "An archive is worth it."

So, I revamped this site [and possibly broke something] and added an archive feature. When you click the button marked "Access the Archive," it takes you straight into a list where you can see my past rambles. These are clickable, and when you click on a link, it'll take you to my ramble of that day. Want to go back? Use the back button on your browser or click the "Go Back" button on that specific ramble.


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