Contact Me

Let's talk. :)

Can I ask something here? How about via E-mail?

Sure! It's always welcome to hear at least some sort of feedback from the visitors, whether it's to give feedback on how to improve, telling good jokes, or straight up having a chat, it's always welcome. :)

It's best you contact me via DMs for a faster response, or leave a Neocities comment. I'll get back to you, eventually, as long as I know how to manage time.

Yea sure, you can email me aswell. Mail me here.

Do note that, while yes, this is email, there is a high chance that it may take some time for me to respond, so here are some things you can put in your subject line to indicate things that require my attention regarding my site:

  • Site Issue - indicates a problem with this site.
  • Slight Site Issue - indicates a problem that's not really major with this site.
  • Site Idea - Mark something as an idea for this site. Has to be reasonable -- nothing like "FOX LOGO REMAEK 2020 SEND LINK PLES."
  • Other - Something that is just interesting on my site and you'd like to talk about it."