to my pocket of the Web.

A ramble snippet/summary + ads About Me

Hello, I am datguy.

I am the 21-year old webmaster with autism behind this page. I made this page mainly to have a website, to have more information about me, and to provide info about myself in a way I can do, which is... well you're seeing it.

Interests, if any?

Yes. My interests consist of, if not:
-Archival of video tapes
-Blender [3D stuff, 2.79+]
-The Weather Channel and its STAR technology.
-Radio and Television technology [DX'ing is a niche I have.]
-Prevue Guide/TV Guide scrolling listings*
-The EAS [Emergency Alert System]

...and a lot more.

What's that place on this page?

Downtown Nashville, taken January 1, 2020. I do not live in Nashville, but I do live in Tennessee. Can't say where tho. ;)

*Please note the site linked is still a WIP and may have dead links. In that case, the Prevue Wiki and Discord can provide insight and emulation help about Prevue. Emulation help can also be provided via Frix's guide on Park City.

I also really hope to get into the field of media as my carrer choice, too. Keep that in mind.